Weddings | Blake and Crystal

I have a feeling that there are some weddings that I will never forget, and Blake and Crystal’s wedding is definitely one of those. Talk about one awesome couple. It’s the classic story of finding love when you least expect it. It started out for a knee injury and to help lift her spirits Blake came to the rescue, doing some rather interesting things to help cheer up Crystal. 🙂 And out blossomed a relationship of two awesome people that were definitely meant for each other. I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing Blake and Crystal for a short amount of time, but I feel like we’ve known each other all our lives.

Let me set the mood, it’s Saturday morning, cold and partly raining. Inside though, smiles fill the room, and the glowing faces warm up the cold gloomy day. Talking with Crystal as she is preparing for the big day she mentions how she is a procrastinator, and still has a lot to do. Thinking to myself I figure every wedding is like that… That is, until we get to the church, and before she gets in her dress she has to put together her bouquet. Let me say first of all, Crystal did a lot of the decorations herself, and WOW, I think there is a future for her in wedding decor. 🙂 Procrastinator or not, the wedding started on time, and went flawless. After the wedding we were so fortunate that the rain stalled for a while and we were able to shoot outside next to their totally awesome get away vehicle; a 1930s or 40s grain truck that was fixed up and just looked amazing.

Walking into the reception, not knowing that Crystal had done the decor, I thought I have got to find out who she used so I can recommend that decorators for other weddings. So if you need a wedding decorator, contact Crystal!! 🙂 Going with a rustic type feel the room was full of branches, mason jars, barn wood planks, old shutters, it was just so cool!! And to put a cherry on the top, the two of them had a little battle with the feeding of the cake, and I don’t know if there was a winner in this battle, I’m pretty sure they caked each other (ha, pun) pretty good. The evening was wrapped up with an awesome time of dancing with music provided by Absolute Class DJs. Now, I’ve said it before in past blogs, but there are those couples that you see that the love is flowing out of them like a waterfall! Blake and Crystal are an awesome couple that you can see the love for each other is ever present. They were a total blast to work with and it was a GREAT way to start out the wedding season. Congrats Blake and Crystal!!


The preparations of the bouquet. It turned out looking great as seen above with the bridesmaids umbrellas.undefinedundefined

We got so lucky with the train going by. As soon as the truck stopped, we got out and the sound of the train horn filled the air.undefined

That truck looked amazing, and the interior looked just as good.

The decor at the reception – simply amazing. That canvas of their engagement picture was a nice touch. 🙂